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Our Palm Desert Drug Rehab Facility Designed for your comfort

By choosing one of our Drug Rehab facilities in Palm Springs you can be confident that we are going to be able to provide what you need. Our Palm Desert & Palm Springs alcohol detox team of addiction counselors understand how important this must be for you (most of us have been in your position). We see it as crucial that you get the most appropriate resources because this could be your last chance to break free of addiction.
“Our treatment centers are staffed with caring and experienced professionals who know what its like to suffer with addiction because we’ve overcome it ourselves.” Phoenix Rising Staff
Palm Springs Drug Detox Experienced Staff

Why Choose Us? Quality, compassionate, & innovative care

  • Proven Treatment

    Indulge in a recovery process you just can’t match anywhere else. With private rooms and attentive staff, you will heal in a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere.
  • Affordable

    Most insurances cover 100% of the costs. Financial assistance is available.
  • Tailored Programs

    Our Palm Springs drug rehab & alcohol detox treatment programs are tailored to meet each individual need by offering a full continuum of care, sober living arrangements, and activities.

Alcohol Detox & Drug Rehab Palm Springs

Located in the beautiful and picturesque city of Palm Springs California, Phoenix Rising provides the most effective treatments along with world class facilities and compassionate care to treat alcohol and drug addiction patients.  Palm Springs is an ideal location, the surrounding natural beauty provides a relaxing and soothing environment. Be it marijuana, opium, heroin, or alcohol, our drug rehabilitation center has always been known for providing quality treatments to its patients.

Our skilled staff motivates patients and teaches them important skills for strengthening the treatment procedure to overcome drug addiction and live a healthy, sober and an addiction-free life even after the treatment. We also combine other philosophies and treatment techniques like ACT and CBT along with the main treatment to deal with disorders that may arise due to the addiction, like anger and stress. Treatment at Phoenix Rising begins by giving medications to control the heroin craving and then using behavioral therapies to control it naturally. Using these therapeutic techniques, we tend to provide a holistic treatment to our patients.

While you or a loved one are at Phoenix Rising, you will be receiving the best from us in the form of individualized treatments. We aim at fulfilling social, spiritual and physical needs as per a specific treatment plan for better long-term positive results. Our staff of highly experienced and qualified therapists, managers, counselors, nurses, and instructors make sure that every patient at Phoenix Rising feels at home and gets the best treatment possible.

Due to the efforts of our staff and our effective treatment plans at Phoenix Rising Recovery in Palm Springs, we continually see a high rate of recovery and we are proud that we continue to keep this rate growing.